Geometric artwork
  • the essence of art,
  • what it means to be an artist
  • how to appease our creative anxieties…

Those Who…”,(fragment) 2019 by REBELLICCA

“Romallicca”, 2017 by REBELLICCA

Source: by Olya Kobruseva


Source: Magda Ehlers on

Source: by Markus Winkler


Source: by George Lebada

“Firestone”, ©REBELLICCA 2017 (acrylic on canvas)

1. The myth of inspiration

Waiting for inspiration to strike is the greatest myth in the creative industry. If you consider yourself a professional artist, creator, designer, writer etc., honor your craft by staying fully committed to it, regardless of the changing moods and circumstances.

2. Has it occurred to you that the page/canvas need you?

Show up and use the page or the canvas to…


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